November 14, 2023

Monocle Design Special

“Design studio Mūvek finds inspiration in cultures across the globe. A case in point is its MŪ11 bed, inspired by the torii gate often seen at the entrance of a Shinto shrine. “There’s that sense of a spiritual gateway from one way to the next, of entering into another conscious realm,” says Chris van Niekerk, Mūvek’s co-founder. The top of the solid oak frame stretches outward like the lintels of a torii, while bolsters form a supportive back. The global outlook is also reflected in its MŪ191 chair, which takes cues from Italian seat designs. The chair aims to use the thinnest aluminium sections possible in order to enhance its lightness. Both products are made by craftsmen in South Africa.”

Words by Naomi Xu Elegant. 


Press VISI Magazine October 2022


Monocle Issue 168