April 28, 2023
House and Garden

House and Garden May/June 2023

“MŪVEK’s multidisciplinary roots give its pieces versatility and artistry, while never straying too far from their intended function.

The arts have always benefitted from a little overlap – the magic that happens when mediums meet and each gains from the other. MŪVEK, a newly launched product design and furniture brand, embodies this beautifully – in more ways than one. The very definition of form meets function, it’s the result of experts in different areas pooling their respective experience and skills. Architect Chris van Niekerk and his partner János Cserháti formed the concept some time ago, but the pieces took shape gradually.”

Produced by Piet Smedy.
Photography by Greg Cox.
Words by Julia Freemantle.

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Press VISI Magazine October 2022


House and Garden May/June 2023